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MANOEUVRE STILT PERFORMERS - MA'AMSELLE CLAIRE QUINTET - BUBBLES ON STITLS It is bubbles, bubbles, bubbles at Springfield Lakes as we officially launch the Terry & Frances Slaughter Park on the 22nd April from 6:30pm. This bespoke event curated by QPAC's Out of the Box Festival will feature bubbles in all their glory. Over a thousand inflatable bubbles will be placed on the lake and around the park evoking a playful, yet sophisticated sense of delight and imagination. This is the perfect opportunity to bring the family for the evening and enjoy all this community has to offer. Circus artists will perform aerials, acrobatics and contortion inside of a large 6 meter bubble on the foreshore while dancers and performers delight audiences in two 3.5metre bubbles on either side. With projection and lighting, The Bubble Effect will amaze with their amazing physical abilities and dazzling lighting display while bringing a groove to the event. Stilt walkers will roam the park enveloped in a cloud of bubbles as Ma’amselle Claire leaves a trail of enraptured, smiling faces. Watch the bubbles burst their surprises in the sunshine or notice the magic of floating balls in the half-light of evening. Contemporary Rock Opera artists Babushka will delight audiences as they serve up everything from Mozart to Guns’N’Roses and dare you to play along as they fearlessly fuse opera, jazz, cabaret and pop with vocal acrobatics, rich musical arrangements and scrumptious harmonies. Children will love playing on the new nautical inspired playground which features a large ship with climbing crows nest and look out deck, jungle swing rope, a toddler swing, walking tight-rope and a fun super slide. Bring a rug and a picnic and stay for the evening as we bring out the wonder and playfulness of this newest park for the Springfield Lakes Community. Please note that this is an alcohol and pet free event.

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