"Manoeuvre are the PERFECT covid-safe roving performance! The stilts place the artists 1.5M higher than everyone and they are adaptable and ready to pivot at any moment. The truth is – everyone loves bubbles, from young to old they capture people’s attention, they’re photogenic and fun. M Claire Bubbles On Stilts is a gorgeous ethereal act that brings joy and delight to the everyday. The company are environmentally conscious, incredibly well-trained stilt walkers and engage and interact with ease. "  
Brisbane Festival, QLD 


MANOEUVRE is Queensland’s elite non-verbal roving stilt performance company providing acts for 32 years to School Fetes', Product Launches, Shopping Centres, Community Events, Festivals, Parades, Weddings, Nightclubs and Corporate Events to over 50 million audience members, across 15 countries.


  • COVID-19 plan approved with performers providing a 2.5m distance between them and attendees 

  • Fascinating and unique stilt performance acts combining world-class technique, non-verbal performance and amazing costumes

  • Fantastic outdoor or indoor entertainment to amaze any audience

  • Based in Brisbane and available internationally